We, Bowbeck DAC, seek planning permission for a strategic housing development on a site at Golf Lane, Carrickmines, Dublin 18. The site has an area of c. 2.56 hectares and is bound to the north by the M50 motorway, to the east by Golf Lane, to the west by Glenamuck Road, and to the south by existing residential development.

The proposed development comprises a residential development of 482 no. units (all apartments), along with ancillary residential amenities, and provision of a childcare facility, gym, and local shop. The proposed residential units comprise 31 no. studio units, 183 no. 1-bedroom units, 229 no. 2-bedroom units, and 39 no. 3-bedroom units (including 2 no. duplex type units).

The proposed development is set out in 7 no. blocks which comprise the following:

  • Block A1 comprises 62. no, apartments within a part four, part six storey building, including 10 no. studio units, 7 no. 1-bedroom units, 41 no. 2 bedroom units, and 4 no. 3-bedroom units. An ESB substation is provided at ground floor level.
  • Block A2 comprises 85 no. apartments within a part four, part eight storey building, including 25 no. 1-bedroom units, 45 no. 2-bedroom units, and 15 no. 3-bedroom units.
  • Block A3 comprises 79 no. apartments within a part four, part twelve storey building, including 21 no. studio units, 19 no. 1-bedroom units, 28 no. 2-bedroom units, and 11 no. 3-bedroom units.
  • Block B0 comprises 150 no. apartments and resident’s amenities within a part four, part eighteen, part twenty-one and part twenty-two storey building. The apartments include 76 no. 1-bedroom units, 68 no. 2-bedroom units, and 6 no. 3-bedroom units (including 2 no. duplex type units). An ESB substation, resident’s concierge area and amenity space (171 sq.m sq.m) are provided at ground floor level. A further resident’s amenity / event space is provided at the twentieth and twenty-first floor levels (83 sq.m).
  • Block B1 comprises 8 no. apartments and is four storeys in height, directly abutting Block B0. The apartments include 4 no. 1-bedroom units, and 4 no. 2-bedroom units.
  • Block C comprises 42 no. apartments and a local shop within a part five, part seven storey building. The apartments include 30 no. 1-bedroom units, 9 no. 2-bedroom units, and 3 no. 3-bedroom units. A local shop (154 sq.m) and an ESB substation are provided at ground floor level.
  • Block D comprises 56 no. apartments, a commercial gym, resident’s concierge area, resident’s lounge, and a childcare facility in a part four, part seven storey building. The apartments include 22 no. 1-bedroom units, and 34 no. 2-bedroom units. The resident’s concierge area (99 sq.m), commercial gym (340 sq.m), and childcare facility (300 sq.m) units are located at ground floor level. The resident’s lounge (292 sq.m) is located at first floor level.

Two basement levels are proposed, providing car parking spaces (299 no.), bin stores, plant rooms, bicycle parking (1,000 no. spaces), and circulation areas. A further 240 no. bicycle parking spaces and 4 no. car parking spaces are provided at ground level. The proposed development includes landscaping, boundary treatments, public, private and communal open space (including roof terraces), two cycle / pedestrian crossings over the stream at the western side of the site, along  with a new pedestrian and cycle crossing of Glenamuck Road South at the west of the site, cycle and pedestrian facilities, play facilities, and lighting. The proposed buildings include the provision of private open space in the form of balconies and winter gardens to all elevations of the proposed buildings. The development also includes vehicular, pedestrian, and cycle accesses, drop off areas, boundary treatments, services, and all associated ancillary and site development works.

Part of the site (along Golf Lane) falls within the area of the Cherrywood Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) which is subject to the Cherrywood SDZ Planning Scheme 2014, as amended.

The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal will be consistent with the objectives of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Development Plan 2016 – 2022, the Ballyogan and Environs Local Area Plan 2019-2025, and the Cherrwood SDZ Planning Scheme 2014, as amended.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been prepared in respect of the proposed development and accompanies this application.

The application contains a statement indicating why permission should be granted for the proposed development, having regard to a consideration specified in Section 37(2)(b) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, notwithstanding that the proposed development materially contravenes a relevant development plan or local area plan other than in relation to the zoning of the land.


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